15 Amazing Photos Where Reality Showed Artists What Real Surrealism Is

Surrealism is a very popular art movement. It is especially liked by artists who love to create something alien and tease the human brain with it. But to paint a surreal picture, you don’t always need a brush and canvas or the latest iPad with a stylus for it. Reality and without these accessories the artist perfectly knows how to cope with the task. A random angle, a lucky coincidence, or a flawless reflection in the water, and here you have a finished work in the style of surrealism. Don’t believe it? See you then!

I didn’t sit on my shoulders, so in a backpack


TV cat


Road to the unknown


A few years ago, I managed to take a photo of fog, almost smoothly merging with water.

A little dirty




Flying stone


This photo made many look into the comments to understand how this is possible. Connoisseurs quickly gave an explanation for this: the stone is in the water.

In the world of midgets or giants?


You might think that we have a model of a courtyard or a giant man, but everything is much simpler. The young man is on the second floor, from where the shot was taken.

The mesmerizing reflection of the mountains in the water


Through the building


Endless Stair


Jacob’s ladder on Saint Helena is the longest ladder in the world. It is 200 meters high and has up to 699 steps. It connects Jamestown and the hilltop suburb of Half Tree Hollow. Would you walk through this?

The cat is also a bit shocked.


Sat in the cart


paella is made of people


Comfort plus


This couple is clearly hiding something in their purse