15 Amazing Items Found Using A Metal Detector

You cannot even imagine what treasures we indifferently pass by every day. And why be surprised, they can only be detected with the help of a metal detector.

Archaeologists, doing excavations, find many ancient artefacts. This is their direct professional activity. But there are such inquisitive people who are very interested in discovering some wonder hidden in the ground. To do this, they acquire metal detectors and painstakingly examine meter by meter, making the most interesting finds. Look at the selection of photos and see for yourself.

The pure silver pendant was made in 1794 and is 228 years old.

In Norway, a guard from an ancient sword that the Vikings fought with was discovered.

An inconspicuous pebble underfoot turned out to be a precious ring.

This dollar is over 170 years old.

This is a godsend for fans of the animated series “Spongebob”! Squidward will replenish the collection of your favourite heroes.

And this is a real museum collection.

This is not just a candle holder, but a real work of art.

All of these finds were found in Australia. Surprisingly, a couple of rings had to be returned to their owners.

An elegant antique brooch will take its rightful place in the collection of finds.

An old coin from America was found in Scotland.

Miniature Ferrari found in the depths of the earth.

This elegant sterling silver brooch is four hundred years old but looks great.

In the old days, even the valves from the equipment were elegant.

And this is such a find! Motorcycle L-300. And he kept well.