14 Photos Of Unusual TreesTthat Neither Surprise Nor Frighten With Their Appearance

Trees are harmless creatures, but if you look at some of them, you can doubt it a little. So nature invented that some trees have acquired a completely new look, which sometimes surprises, sometimes frightens. A beautiful figure, a slightly frightening face, or a baby asleep on the branches – all this is about our tree comrades, who are found here and there. Do not believe that such reincarnations can occur with an ordinary tree? Then look through our new selection to dispel the myth that a tree is a soulless creature!

An evil bun or the head of a mutant turtle? It doesn’t matter who it is, it still looks creepy


The tree decided to turn its back on everyone


A tree that resembles death, but without a scythe


This tree is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. On a rainy day, it looks even more intimidating than when the sun is shining.

The new character in the movie “Scream”


Someone lost a child


The Picture of Dorian Grey?


African tribe warrior


I decided to join the club of fans to exhibit such trees. This diseased tree in my parents looks like some evil demonic African tribe warrior! Pretty creepy.

And what do we have here?


Surveillance from all sides


Erupting humanoid face


No hidden dissatisfaction

The Royal Don

Sat down


An unusual stump is located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina…

bloodthirsty facial expression


The tree swallows the victim into its forest kingdom


Trees often do not stand on ceremony and remove everything in their path that interferes with them.