13 People Who Aren’t Shy About Being Childish

Remember your youth. We all played pranks, did stupid things, and did things that sometimes caused us to fly into the fifth number. But thanks to this, our childhood was happy and colorful, which we constantly recall with sadness.

It is generally accepted that a person with age should become more serious and stop doing stupid things. But in our opinion, this is not correct at all. Laughter and positivity prolong life and make it not so gray. Fortunately, some people understand this. Like the characters in these photos.

The wife decided to bake a wonderful cake, but for some reason, the guests did not eat it.

When you bought a toy for your son, but you play it yourself.

Not only children but also serious dentists can get involved in Pokemon.

“Children’s” cute drawing. Ruslan, 24 years old.

When a doctor has a sense of humor, every visit to him is a sea of ​​impressions.

The guy was very creative in creating his self-portrait inside another self-portrait.

The husband asked to cook chicken but did not take into account that he did not give his wife money for it. It was a subtle hint that you need to earn more.

When adults are Shrek fans.

Now you won’t be able to sit in the toilet for a long time with such and such a door.

The main thing is to approach everything with humor. Eye surgery is a great excuse to play pirates.

When a child is asked to make a cherry from plasticine.

This beauty can be printed using a 3D printer.

Ingenuity always helps a person. Even if he just wants to be lazy.