13 Guinness World Records That Will Easily Leave You Speechless And Make You Believe In The Impossible

The Guinness Book of Records appeared back in 1955. Since its release, the amazing encyclopedia has recorded various achievements that answer questions about the fastest, strongest, and most unusual people in the world. People from different parts of the world are trying to declare their unusual abilities or differences in order to perpetuate their names on the pages of this publication. Today, 47 thousand of records are declared in the book. We are confident that every year their number will grow rapidly. Below are records that you will probably be interested in taking a look at.

Joseph Grisamore – the owner of a mohawk, 129.4 centimeters high

guinness world records

This impressive mega mango weighs 4.25 kilograms

guinness world records

Colombian farmers Herman Orlando Novoa Barrera and Reina Maria MarroquĂ­n broke the record by growing the world’s heaviest mango in 2020.

Drew Barrymore set a record by dancing in the world’s largest wig. Its dimensions are 2.23 meters

guinness world records

As part of Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, Drew Barrymore set two more world records. The actress was asked to put red lipstick on 10 volunteers in 30 seconds. Then she had to break several paper banners with a running start, which she did perfectly well.

Tallest domestic cat Fenrir Antares Powers – 47.83 centimeters

guinness world records

Ram Singh Chauhan from India is the owner of the longest mustache in the world

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The length of the mustache is 4 meters 30 centimeters. Ram Singh Chauhan hasn’t cut them since 1970.

Dante Barnes – the owner of the language with the largest circumference, it is 12.19 centimeters

guinness world record

The longest nails on a pair of hands belong to Diana Armstrong. Their length is 1.306 centimeters

guinness world record

The woman refused a manicure for 25 years and got into the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the longest nails in the world.

The largest female hands belong to Rumeise Gelgi. Their length is 24.93 centimeters

guinness world record

Rumeisa Gelgi also holds the title of the tallest living woman in the world.

Tallest married couple Sun Mingming and his wife Xu Yan from China

guinness world records

The total height of the spouses is 423.47 centimeters. The height of the husband is 236.17 centimeters, the wife is 187.3.

The shortest cow, Rani, is only 50.8 centimeters long.


Yu Jianxia grew eyelashes that are 12.40 centimeters long

guinness world records

50.8cm bubble gum ball hand-free inflated by Chad Fell

guinness world records

Mochi “Mo” Rickert – St. Bernard with the longest tongue in the world


An independent veterinarian officially measured him and recorded a length of 18.58 centimeters.