12 Pictures That You Will Fail To Understand In The First Look

Some pictures are so clear that they can be understood just in a glance but some pictures maybe funny and to understand them, you will have to look at them more than once and it will also make you laugh and entertain you

Nothing wrong here

The picture is very much normal if anything that is wrong is your way of viewing it and your thinking and if something that is wrong is a way of your thinking.

Funny Coincidence

It is funny and very much strange that both the monkey that is seen in the shadow and the boy that is sitting and taking selfie are wearing the same clothes.

Quite a lot of hair

A girl always keeps her body waxed and clean and but if you see this picture in a glance then you will feel that the girl has a lot of hair on her hands but if you will see very closely then it’s some man’s leg that is actually doing the interference in the picture.

Can you believe this

If this picture is taken a look in one glance then it will make you feel that the guy has the legs of a girl but if you have a close look at the picture then you will realize that it’s the girl on the other side whose shadow makes feels like the guy’s legs looks like hers.

Not really

The upper side of the picture is very much normal till you see a girl but if you see downside it’s a dog’s body in the end, it’s weird and funny both.

Plain Wow

It seems like the boy has his head down in the mud and it’s only his body that can be seen and but it’s only if you see it very closely then you will understand that it’s not his head actually.

Certain overlap

The picture is quite funny and interesting, it feels like the man has kept his legs on the female who is posing for the photograph but honestly if have a proper look it’s nothing but the design of the female’s dress.

Another one here

This can only be seen in the books or films but seeing it for real is very much surprising and funny. The man having the face mix of an animal and a human but it’s not what it looks like, it’s just an animal who is companying the human in the picture.


No, it’s is not what it looks like. It is nothing but the way of seeing is incorrect. Both of them are standing normally and it’s just a pose.

Not a beard

It looks like the man has a lot of beards, the long beard but no, it’s just a girl’s back who has long hair and they both ate twinning with the same colour of t-shirt.

How awesome is this

It looks like the girls are having too much fun but it is not what it looks like because it’s not just girls but also another person whose face is not seen in the picture.


Though it looks like it is the same person who is bowing it is not the fact because it is another person whose head is been seen and the back body is of another person.