12 People With Amazing Abilities That Many Would Envy

Each of us is unique in our own way. And this can manifest itself in anything: in a bright and extraordinary appearance, a person’s character, or, for example, in the ability to masterfully control one’s body. But the last point is not given to everyone. Indeed, for someone to roll their tongue into a tube can be a whole test, while the other easily turns his head 180 degrees.

The heroes of our new selection are ready to show you their unusual skills. Are you ready to see them?

Curling your tongue into a tube is already in the past. Let’s do it in the shape of a clover petal!


Found out here that I can hold a ping pong ball behind my ear


Look what my friend is up to

Eat Garb

I can lay down my ear


One eye on you, the other on the Caucasus


I love creating awkward situations with just my appearance.

The main thing is to do all this with a straight face.


I can fold my tongue in half


Say: “Aaaah”

Guinness World Records

Francisco Domingo Joaquim became famous among the people thanks to his huge mouth. Its size is about 17 centimeters. And he was also listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the same person with a mouth where a whole can of Coca-Cola is placed.

Rotate all 180 degrees

Ajay Verma

Jasprit Singh Karl – “Rubber Boy”, amazed the whole world with his inhuman flexibility.

And without a table is good


Magnet man

Discovery UK

Liv Tou Lin is a man-magnet and a mystery to the minds of scientists. After all, he can pull any iron object to himself.

living battery


And here is the man who never runs out of battery on his phone. After all, he can charge it with his body and without any battery. Serb Slavisa Paikic is able to withstand high voltage without harm to his health. And he can even accumulate electricity inside himself.