12 Lucky Accidents Captured by Photographer Edas Wong

Hello Friend! How often do accidents or coincidences happen in your life? Do you believe in them, or do you think that there are no coincidences? The cool photographer Edas Wong will help us prove the existence of coincidences, whose lens is sharpened to capture various coincidences.

Edas Wong hails from Hong Kong, lived for two years in the UK while studying, and then another 11 years in Stolkholm for work. It was from the last city that he developed a passion for street photography. When Edas met his future wife, they, like many couples, took up photography to capture the everyday moments of their lives. Edas really liked this hobby, he seriously studied the art of street photography and has been doing it for more than 10 years.

When Edas goes outside, he just keeps an eye on every detail in front of him so that he doesn’t miss anything. It is not easy, sometimes you have to wait a long time for the right moment. Sometimes this wait lasts for long months, the photographer comes to the same place every day, hoping to catch what he imagined.

By the way, this genre of photography has its own name: “Random photography”. The name speaks for itself. The beauty of this genre is that the photos are unintentional, they are not scripted and depend very much on chance and luck. This style of photography is a great way to train attention and creativity.

The popularity of casual photography came with the development of technology, every person now has a camera at hand. People from all over the world take millions of photos every day. The main thing is to have a keen eye for any accidents, and then you can start doing this kind of photography.

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Photographer: KinWing Edas Wong @edaswong