12 Incredible Transformations by Nicky Hill

Creativity is a very loose concept. Its elements are present in almost any work if it is done from the heart. And art is not only painting and music. Today, it takes on very different forms, including touching on such everyday things at a glance as makeup.

But in reality, everything is much deeper. Today, makeup artists have the opportunity to realize themselves only as people who know how to beautifully apply shadows and adjust the tone of the face. There is a trend right now where they use their face as a canvas to draw amazing things on. Our heroine today is Niki Hill, and here are her most beautiful works.


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Nicky Hilly is 28 years old. The girl is not only fond of makeup, but also creates amazing things. She can become like any celebrity, and she also loves to create psychedelic illusions.


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Nicky lives in Manchester. She never thought that makeup would become her passion, but she always felt the desire for art.


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The makeup artist has already repeated the images of Angelina Jolie, Adele, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, and even Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. But the face of Robin Williams surprised the public the most.


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Nicky’s fantastic works look very realistic. Some evoke strong emotions because they really feel real. Sometimes it becomes creepy from what this artist creates.


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Nicky is self-taught. She started with simple makeup but gradually came to the conclusion that she wanted to create something interesting. So the girl decided to use decorative cosmetics in order to turn into different people and characters.


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The work of Niki Hill does not go unnoticed. She has a lot of followers on social networks who support the talented girl and encourage her to create even more works.


During the pandemic, her work has become even more active. At the same time, the number of fans increased, which is not surprising – Nika’s work is really amazing.


Since childhood, Niki felt that creativity was hidden in her. But for a long time, she could not figure out how to manifest it. A couple of times for fun, she made herself intricate make-up, which was positively appreciated by her friends. They, in fact, advised Nicky to start posting them on the Internet. And this was the impetus in the girl’s career. And we are only happy about it – we like to look at Nika’s work.


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Each job takes several hours. And on transformations into stars, for example, into Robin Williams, she spent almost half a day. But every job is worth allocating so much time for it.


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Niki’s main critic is her boyfriend Adam. He not only supports the girl in her endeavors but can also point out some errors in the image. Nicky never publishes her work until she gets Adam’s approval.


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Niki dreams of doing makeup not only as her hobby but also as a professional field in which she will realize her fantasy and amaze the world with such unusual and beautiful works.


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Each work of Niki Hill is an aesthetic pleasure and surprise from the fact that all this is real, and there is not a drop of processing in graphic editors in the works.