12 Examples That Reflect Those Intimate Moments That Make Us Fall In Love More Every Day

Inevitable to think of that special person <3

Love is not easy, but it is beautiful. It’s like the most clichéd thing one can say in life, but it’s true and nothing to do against it. We are all different when it comes to relationships, but for each of us there are special moments that make us fall in love every time.

Haruna Haraizumi is a Japanese artist who mainly makes illustrations that reflect those intimate moments with your partner.

Here are 12 of our favorite Haruna illustrations. You can check out the rest of his work here .

01.Nothing like lying in bed

02.Or when they hug you and make you feel that nothing bad can happen to you

03.Share the simple things

04.Nobody is bothered by a stolen kiss

05.Not everything has to be extremely elaborate

06.There are things that one would not imagine mean so much

07.Never stop playing

08.Seriously, never

09.Because even though months have passed, you always have to keep it entertained

10.Always loving yourself

11.Enjoying those moments

12.And always creating more

Credit : illustrations Artist Haruna Hiraizumi