12 Clear Evidence That Children Are Never Bored

If you are tired of gray everyday life, you have nothing to do in the evenings, and insomnia unsettles you, have children. You will be constantly busy either cleaning or playing with them. Every day you will have to come up with new entertainments, and you will sleep, even leaning against the door frame.

This is, of course, a joke. You can’t have children out of boredom, and not all kids exhaust their parents like that. But each of them can remember at least 2 cases when their children did something out of the ordinary. For example, they did something similar to what is in these photos.


Photo: Reddit

Everything worked out, but it could have ended badly if the scissors were without plastic handles. How frightened the parents must have been! But they have a science – do not leave children unattended.


Photo: DR

Wherever curious kids stick their fingers. This child put them in the holes of the bench, but could not get them out.


Photo: DR

There are a few questions about this photo. The first – what is he so smeared with? And the second – how did it happen that there is not a millimeter of clean space on it?


Photo: Reddit

Children are very attentive and notice things that a boring adult would not pay attention to. This guy definitely knows a lot about jokes!


Photo: Reddit

This is a very cute outfit for such a cute button. The main thing is that she does not fall.


Photo: Reddit

I would like to know what got into this boy’s head to bury his face in the bodybuilder’s body smeared with a special cream like that. Did he confuse it with chocolate, or what?


Photo: Reddit

Not being like everyone else and not succumbing to the influence of the crowd is a great gift. This baby has had it since early childhood.


Photo: DR

Teach your children to find fun in the simplest things. For example, when eating.


Photo: Reddit

Although terribly scary, the girl does not intend to give her sandwich to this animal.


Photo: DR

It’s not clear how this photo turned out like this. But creepy to the point of trembling in the knees.


Photo: Reddit.

This is what girls who have not yet felt the real taste of shopping look like. But it passes quickly.