11 Superpowers Monks Have That You Didn’t Know

Everyone loves to watch superhero movies and at times think about having those superpowers just like them. But having those powers is not possible for all of us, yet there are those who possess these capabilities like Buddhist monks who train their mind and bodies to perform things which is not possible for normal humans.

Here we have collected some information about the superpowers which monks have.

Super-Human Strength

The monks have the capability of running for miles without taking stops and can even do two finger and one-finger pushups which is difficult for an average human.

Zero Gravity

One of the most unimaginable things which these monks can do is to defy gravity by running along the walls without any extra efforts.

No Fear

One of their biggest superpowers is having no fear at all, just like this monk who is sitting in a pan filled with oil over an open flame.


Monks possess insane endurance which they achieve through rigorous training and regular meditation. Training keeps their bodies in shape and meditation gives long-term endurance.

Water Walk

That’s totally difficult to imagine but monks like Shi Liliang can do it with ease with the help of floating wooden planks.

Steel Balls

Monks undergo a very tough and painful training which involves kicking in the crotch. Even Batman or Superman would not have this quality.

Body temperature

Monks possess the ability to adjust their body temperature and can easily live in cold temperatures without any sweaters or jackets.

Low Metabolism

Ability to adjust their metabolism makes the monks live on less oxygen and food, unlike normal human beings.

Good Speed

Monks have a great speed like that of a bullet which everyone praises of. How can someone be as fast as a bullet? A monk was able to fire a needle with such a speed that it passed through a glass sheet.


Monks are also known to perform things that are highly invincible. They train themselves so hard which can easily blow an average person.

Sixth Sense

We all think of having a sixth sense to sense an upcoming danger. But, monks being good in martial arts, possess this quality and can sense the danger.

We hope you might have got motivated by now and would practice a bit of meditation and exercises to be fit. Share your thoughts on the same.