10 Whacky Facts You Should Know

The internet is filled with facts and there yet there are facts you are aware of and will be marveled after knowing of it. There are also myths that you sometimes confuse by facts but the following list is only facts. These whacky facts will not only surprise you but will also educate you well. At least, when you are in a family conversation and your cousins are throwing some facts around and getting all the attention, you be sure to throw in some facts too.

Hippopotamus’s milk is pink

So, this is not a joke. Hippopotamus’s milk really is pink and the reason behind the delicious color is that Hippos don’t have sweat glands instead they have mucus glands which is why the oil in their body doesn’t excrete and so their milk is pink in color.

Honey doesn’t have a expiration

Although, they write the expiration date on the bottle of honey that you use every day. It is actually not ever going to get spoiled. It is just a myth that helps the brands to sell.

Feng Shui was art

This was original artwork for selecting artwork but then evolved and became more famous among the Chinese. They started believing in this and made it more sacred than ever.

It rains ‘diamonds’ on Saturn and Jupiter

There is a high quality of crystal carbon present in the atmosphere of Saturn and Jupiter because of which it rains diamonds there. If explained better, it is actually because of massive lightning storms which turn methane into soot(carbon) which then falls down turning into lumps of graphite.


Our sky would look like this if the Jupiter would have been as close to us as the moon. Well, it sr=urely would have been beautiful. But according to science, the gravitational pull will produce huge waves around the earth’s oceans and it would sweep the land away. Because Jupiter would be the big asteroid that will wreck the globe.


If you drink from tumbler water, there are chances that you might be drinking the same water that once dinosaurs fed on.


The wrinkles that appear in the inside f your fingers after being in the water for too long occurs because of the moisture is massive and you might slip, which is why the body is designed to create wrinkles for fingers so that you don’t lose grip!

The human face increases independently and be a part of inside the middle of your face, growing philtrum. It is actually a reminder of the time that you spent in your mother’s belly.

The candle flame

When you burn a candle here on earth it looks like the left picture but when you light a candle in zero gravity it looks like the one in the right. This picture was taken at space station ‘Mir’.

Dim light affects eyes

It is a myth that studying in dim light might impair your vision. It might be tiring for your eyes to see in dim light but it is not going to be more harmful than that.

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