10 Weird Things Boys Do When They’re Alone At Home

Do they really?

Picking Your Nose

One of the most awkward things to do publicly is picking your nose. People find this habit very bad for a public view and it’s very unhygienic.

Farting Without a Care

A man may accept a crime he commits but wont admit that he has farted, so when you are all alone, you decide the outburst literally.

Fantasizing About Sex

This is one fantasy no matter what the boys would always have, alone or not, doesn’t matter. Boys often have this fantasies of having sex with girls which leads them to pleasuring themselves

Watching Porn

Watching Porn is one luxury that boys feel they have once they are left alone. And Sometimes watching too much porn can make you will become sex addict.

Reading Adult Stories

This is a privilege every boy holds close to his heart when he is left alone at home. Boys always have this kind of stuffs in their bedrooms hidden somewhere no one can find it.

Sleeping Naked

I mean who doesn’t wish sleeping naked when alone, I mean everyone. The best feeling when your home alone and no one is there to watch you.

Smoke And Drink

This needs no second invitation, once alone most of us would smoke and drink. Teenagers have this kind of rush of trying new things which leads them into becoming addicted to Smokes and drinks.

Girl’s Outfit

Lets try taking one for the team, wear a girl’s outfit when left alone. Boys always have this curiosity to try girl’s outfit when no one is watching.

Eating Wildly

Eat as if there is no tomorrow. Go eat wildly no one is watching you. Boys doesn’t have any set of rules like girls even if it is eating properly or wildly.

Singing and Dancing

Sing, Dance, Celebrate and do whatever you want when you are alone at home. Ya when no one is watching even you can sing like Gaga or Beyonce because who run the home.

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