10 Types Of Men You Should Never End Up Marrying

It’s not an easy step to marry someone without even knowing them perfectly. We always think about a person who is going to be our life partner while every woman wishes to marry their Prince Charming who will love them eternally yet they end up finding the wrong partner. So here we have listed some qualities of men that will help you to marry the guy you want in life.

Ex Lover

They like to play a double game with you by comparing you with his ex and talk about them to piss you off and bring out the best in you. Never marry these kinds of men because if they got one chance with their ex they will not think twice before leaving you at once.

The I Don’t know Type Guy

Well, being a first timer who doesn’t know anything is great as you both will help each other to experience things but if he constantly says that he has no idea what your double meaning means and have no idea how to deal with women and your needs then move on.

The Guy Who Yells Alot

90% of marriages fail because of the guy who is known for showing his anger on you and it takes great strength for a woman to move ahead after having a debacle married life.

Such A Bragger

This kind of men will take credit for everything and they will boast to everyone how amazing they are and will make sure to put you down in front of others.

Controlling One

They control your life in a systematic manner that everything should in their order and if you disobey them then they will make sure to make your life living hell.

Momma’s Boy

It’s not bad to be a momma’s boy but at a certain age, a guy should know that not every woman would like their man to be a momma’s boy who constantly seeks out there mom for any serious issues.

The Gorgeous Specimen

Well, who doesn’t want their man to be handsome and marrying them is every girl’s utmost desire. But it says all that glitters is not gold so if you ever end up marrying the guy of your dreams you have to face many troubles like keeping him out of every women’s wanting eyes, to please him every second whether he pleases you or not.

Macho Man

We sure love a guy who goes to the gym and who also have muscles that will make every woman drool for him but let me warn you these men are not one woman man and they only care about their appearance will have less time for you.

Money Is Everything

He is selfish and he only thinks about money and materialistic life. He may have you but he finds happiness in taking over the world ruling everything.


Such men are very controlling and they will make sure everything is perfect from the food to materialistic lifestyle, expenses etc. He won’t like it if anything is not in their place and will constantly bug you for whole life that how you are such a disappointment to him.