10 Things We Use Everyday But We Did Not Know The Actual Use For

There are many things in life we don’t know the use of it. We always see those things but we think it is a design but it has the meaning and vital role. Let’s get the knowledge about the minor things which is very important

Loop On The Shirt

Whenever we wear shirt we notice the loop on the backside of the shirts. It looks like a design made on it. But today we will explain that the loop is useful to hand your clothes or to fasten the tie.While doing this we should pay attention because it brings wrinkles on it.

A cylindrical thing in laptop cable

This cylindrical part of the wire helps in reduction of high-frequency sounds comes out in electric circuits.

Gap in Air Plane windows

This tiny holes are made for a life-saving purpose. To stop the equalizing the differences of pressure in outer and inner window panels.

Blue Shade Of An Eraser

The two sides of eraser has different purpose pink color is to erase pencil marks and It is a general assumption that the blue colored part is for ink eraser. In reality, the blue part is used to erase away the specks left after cleaning with the pink part.

Extra Eyelets In Shoes

These sneakers have extra eyelets to firm the to stop rubbing of ankles as well keeping the shoes place fixed.

A Hole In A Spoon

This small hole helps to measure the some portion of spaghetti per serving.

Small Pocket Inside Big Pocket

Have you ever thought why these small pockets are made when there are big pockets made? Pockets do not give any purpose but it was actually designed to place pocket watches.

Extra material that comes with clothes

This little piece of cloth is given to wash and see whether the material is good in cleanser or detergent and thus can keep it from getting harmed.

Pen Top

We often chew the pen top and the gap will keep you getting choked.

The buttons on the pocket of the pants

There are rivets present in the jeans from wearing out and tearing too. And the buttons are called rivets.