10+ Spoiled But Interesting Panoramic Animal Photos

With panoramic shooting, you can fit more into the frame by stretching the picture horizontally. To prevent blurring, the object in the photo should not move. But if, for example, this works with mountains, then it does not work with animals. They do not want to freeze in place and pose. As a result, they turn into many-legged and many-tailed “monsters”. Don’t miss today in Ololo.TV magazine:

10+ funny panoramic animal photos
While doing them, people did not know until the end what would happen in the end.

  1. There was a dog, became a Cerberus
© Pufferchung/Reddit

Good thing it’s just a photo.

  1. Either a dog or an anteater
© DropKickNinja130/Reddit

And no photoshop.

  1. Two-legged creature
© rigbyrescue/Instagram

Enjoys a walk on the beach.

  1. Well, a very long corgi
© N_ONE1128/Twitter

Isn’t it funny?

  1. How many tails do you see?
© triggerbombz/Instagram

And he is alone!

  1. Soaring kite
© Harben Orcullo/Facebook

What’s going on here anyway?

  1. Short dogs
© WildAnimus/Reddit

They look really weird…)

  1. Three-eyed kitten
© MrLucky2/Reddit

For those who think they don’t exist.

  1. River monster
© Sami Rae Newman/Facebook

Now you have seen more.

  1. One head is good, but two is better.
© anaperalta.c/Instagram

Can you argue with that?

  1. Bifurcation of the dog in space
© kyobooboo/Instagram

Here is a panoramic photo for you …)

  1. The cat did not turn out a little
© tiny_explorer/Reddit

It looks like she’s from another planet.

  1. Horse on two legs
© LeucisticFred/Imgur

How to unsee it now?

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