10 Pictures That Completely Justify That Everything Apparent Is Not True

You are here for some good laugh! Call it coincidence or call it the perfect angle of the camera! It’s hilarious!

#10 Hand In Hand

The man in the picture is not handicapped. He has a hand.
Look Carefully!

#9 Its Not What You Think!

It’s definitely not what you thinking of. It’s just a part of his belt.

#8 Going An Extra Mile

A huge hug is what we want.

#7 Is A Crime Gonna Happen?

Careful viewers and not the baby. It’s just a toy train and no crime scene.

#6 Polycephaly..Not!

In reality, there are two dogs. One of the dogs is sandwiched between the legs of the man.

#5 It’s Magic



This guy is no magician and no way hovering over the pavement.

#4 Beheaded Woman

This woman must not have liked this beheaded view. But, it’s the Mirror.

#3 He’s A Caring Father

I’m sure. It’s not his thing.

#2 Goodness

They are straight and aren’t too high to be doing that on the beach.

#1 Wait A Minute!

Is that her foot or hand or foot-hand? Amazed.