10 Immensely Lucky People Who Scarily Had A Great Escape

Life is unpredictable. It can throw anything at you at anytime without really giving you any heads up! It is so difficult to predict what is gonna happen next. In this bid, some people make it and some succumb. But this is the list of people who almost lost it but then witnessed a miracle and just made it in the end. Take a look!

Bike Racing Gone Wrong

Think about the man in reddish Orange Jacket. It would’ve been such a disaster if not for his perfectly timed jump!

Pure Divine Intervention

Have you seen pure divine intervention in real life? If not, this is it! Quite literally!

Lucky Kid!

Life is tough and would have been deadly had this man not intervened with his arm at the right time! Lucky kid!

Thank You For Saving Our Eternity

Just to lighten the atmosphere, things like these happen in real life as well!

Saved By My Buddy

This buddy is less of a buddy and more of a God for this man!

Sheer Luck!

If someone proposed you with a ring and then this happens, understand that even God wants you two to be together!

Lucky Without A Doubt

Looks like an extremely painful picture, right? Trust me, it could’ve been way worse!

Not In This Car!

I just can’t imagine sitting in this car. But someone was sitting here! Also, that person survived!

Final Destination

Literally looks like a scene straight out of final destination!

Fast And Furious

I am short of words, I seriously am! Nothing can beat this one!

Source : Didyouknowpage.com