10 Illustrations Which Perfectly Captures The Happiness Of Living Alone

From childhood days to our adulthood we have been staying in our parents home and we never had the power to move out and live alone until we start a job that is far from your hometown or any other country well in that we realize what it feels like to live an alone life where no one is there to disturb your peace. Here are 10 illustrations that perfectly capture the happiness of living an alone life.

Sitting Alone

Sitting alone and just gazing at the stars and moon is one of the best past time to have where everything looks peaceful.

Playing With Dog

When you are staying alone and having a dog you know you have the pleasure to be all alone and play with your dog.


There are most people who just like read some kind of novels or some educational stuff and they have a full house to themselves.


Well if you start gazing out of the window you will realize that how much you love peace but when you are not alone there is always some kind of disturbance.

Scrolling Everything

Sitting in bed and scrolling through your phones while resting like there is no one to tell you sleep early or anything as you just have some peace with yourself.

Eating Like No One Cares

When you are staying with family you always have to take care of others but when you are all alone then you have to just take care of yourself.

Cleaning The Kitchen

The thing about living alone is like you have to do all the cleaning and stuffs all alone and no mom to help around.

Cooking With Tutorials

When you have no mom to cook food for you then your next mom is none other than youtube tutorials which can either help you or rather spoil the food.

Feeling Serenity With Bathing

When You are living alone then you have no one to shout around to come out soon so you got time with yourself and playing with your hair.

Having A Me Time

Well there are 90% of chances that girls always don’t have any me time with them so they always try to shop all around the mall but having me time is a surreal experience.