10 Illustrations Capturing The Reality Of Our Modern Society

Our society is purely an illusion of perfection, it isn’t anywhere close to being perfect. We are mere spectators when it comes to resolving the problems of our society and we just wish we aren’t the ones who faces the ire.Though it may sound cliched but as a matter of fact pictures definitely speak louder than words. We have tried compiling a list of some hard hitting sketches which depict the true reality of our society. Whether it is about people’s addiction to social media or their need to constantly be aware, this illustrations very nicely sum up today’s sorry state.

Objectifying her till she feels comfortable

We are men who ideologies are of the primitive age, whose instincts are still of hunting and preying.Whenever a girl passes we make sure to look at her in such a way that she is bound to feel uncomfortable.

Don’t cut a plant if you can’t build one

Desperate times call for desperate measures and while we need gallops of pure air, greenery and shades of trees, what we see everywhere is rampant cutting of trees.This is a gruesome depiction of the harsh reality.

Tech and its cons

We have known what weapons can do, what kind of impact they can leave on human minds.But what impact addiction to technology and computers can have, the same as the ones mentioned above.

We feel for you mate

We are quite aware of the fact that animals in our ecosystem are slowly facing extinction.This is a gentle reminder rather more sarcastic reminder of how things are going to be in the near future.

Natural foods lose its essence

They are no longer just about pure joy and a hard earned day’s bread for us, many junkies and fast foods have taken up their space pretty long back.

Here is one such example where even veggies which can quite easily be consumed by hands are being eaten through a fork, an unnecessary luxury we feel.

Once our work is completed

Such a selfish world this once your work is done people tend to forget you. You would remain good only till the moment you are great with them.

I wont be able to help you

Nowadays people don’t even have much time to converse with each other forget helping each other.This sketch is an exact representation of the same.

When knowledge doesn’t get enough respect

This is such a true but sad depiction of how things have panned out in the recent future.A Book which is placed at the bottom and television is placed at the top not a good thing you see

You be busy with your own phone

We don’t know why few men are so besotted and obsessed with women they simply cant get enough of them.We don’t get this absolutely don’t.

Call her names

As soon she wears a little short skirt society labels a girl with different names without even thinking about hypocrisy.A girl is branded as a slut, easily available, proactive and what not.