10 Epic Design Failures We Can’t Believe Really Happened

To become a cool and sought-after designer, you need to study a lot, have a good imagination and gain experience. But sometimes this is not enough. We decided to show you some epic pictures that prove that not everyone can be a designer.

“This guy must feel pretty good in this ad.”

Perhaps there is nothing strange in the advertisement itself. But because of the placement, this banner is now attracting too much unnecessary attention.


“…and suddenly I felt like a king”

It is clear that now you will not meet the throne in ordinary life, but, apparently, some architects or designers still have royal blood. And there is nowhere to show it, except in the toilet.


“Whose brilliant idea was it to put red paint on a wood chipper?”

Bad idea. Now, this bloodthirsty crusher will be bypassed for a kilometer. At least wash away this horror.


“Extreme wheelchair riding”

Actually, ordinary people are not taken care of much, and you can generally keep silent about the disabled. The main thing is to put a sign, and the rest does not matter.


“Are you seriously???”

Slippers were invented specifically for lazy ladies who have no time to paint their nails. True, they do not look very natural, but going to the store it will do.


“I can’t even find the right words to describe this mess”

There is clearly a problem with the designer. How could such a trivial mistake have been made? Now it remains only to break the wall or order a new set.


“Save on blinds”

If you need to somehow close the window, but there is no money for a full-fledged repair, then just put a roof on top. And that’s it, problem solved.


“Sticked so stuck”

A normal person chooses a simple path, but such an unfortunate builder will complicate even the most banal tasks.


“My friend’s dinner came in this bowl”

What was the creator of this plate thinking? Probably, these are dishes for those who are on a diet. Whatever he did, he ate.


“Hope the robbers don’t have screwdrivers”

It seems that there is a lock, heck, but only this door is easier to open. Probably, when creating the design, they thought only about external beauty, and not about the necessary security.


What these creators though – we do not know, but what they came up with can at least cheer us up.

Have you come across such creative ideas? Tell us about it in the comments!

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