10 Dads Who Did Not Want Dogs And Now Love Them Funny Photo Facts From Family Life

Many parents do not allow their children to get a dog, believing that the animal will create some problems in the house: some do not like dirty paws, others are afraid of shattered furniture, and others are simply not ready to see a dog in the house. Fathers are especially categorical, it is difficult to convince them. However, sometimes children still manage to insist on their own. Do dog opponents change their minds or just ignore the new family member? This question was answered by social media participants who sent photos of their fathers, who had previously disagreed with the appearance of a dog in the house. Here are some of them.

“Once dad was against the dog. Now our dog is recovering from surgery, and dad puts on a cone at home to support him”

Put on a cone of solidarity with the dog

“Dad didn’t want a dog. But recently I saw him hug our dog and sing a song to him.”

Morning starts with affection

My dad five years ago: “No dogs!” My dad is now.

Do-it-yourself dog house

“He is always next to me. I’m afraid to step on him, that’s how he will feel better”

Always together

Dad didn’t want a dog. But now he takes our Yukki with him on fishing trips and talks to him all the time.

Two anglers

“Dad was categorically against the dog. But now they are inseparable”

Do not part even at night

“Our dad did not like dogs at first. But now he does not know how to please the dog”

Portrait as a gift

“Our dad preferred cats. He agreed to a dog on the condition that she would not climb onto the bed. Now every morning I see this”

The dog literally sat on his head

“We hardly persuaded my father to have a dog. Now they are best friends”

Dad loves our dog

“Dad was against the dog. But a little time passed, and he said that our Gaston should have his own bed and bedside table”

Your own dog bed is more comfortable